Samsung and Apple - Things Got Serious!

Samsung and Apple - Things Got Serious!
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07 July 2021

Despite the smartphone industry growing at a rapid  pace, and the phone launch events only becoming   grander in scale, over the years, the charm  of these events has greatly reduced. However,   it's not due to the ever-increasing  number of smartphones every day,   rather because of the constant flow of leaks  in the days or months leading up to the launch   of a device that these mega-events have  started to feel a lot less exciting.

 In recent times, these leaks have become  so revealing that they leave little to the   imagination about the device by the time it's  officially introduced to the world. I mean when   is the last time a product announcement caught you  off guard? And that's the reason companies like   Apple, Samsung, and even Xiaomi are coming  after people who leak their products.  

It started with Apple when they sent a legal  letter to some prominent Apple leakers. They   even sent a legal letter to Concept creator who  actually is not even a leaker in the first place,   he just makes concept videos from the  information he gets off of these leakers,   basically a freelancer. A few days later Xiaomi decides to follow suit.   This company copies Apple left and right, so  how could they not follow their mentor here.   So Xiaomi sent a legal letter to  this guy who leaked the pricing and   specifications of an upcoming Poco device. Samsung and Apple - Things Got Serious!Today, Samsung is copyright striking images and   videos of people who leaked their products. Unlike  Apple and Xiaomi, Samsung isn't just being an   outright bully and sending legal letters to these  people threatening them to sue them if they leak   their products in the future, but Samsung is taking  down images from Twitter and videos from YouTube   which leaked their upcoming products, I  mean those official marketing materials.  

Now how do I feel about this? Well, I have mixed  feelings. I totally get why companies are pissed.   Sometimes leaks give the competition privileged  information about new products. For example   AirTags, almost one and a half, two years  ago we got a leak in the form of renders   that Apple is working on AirTags. So what  did Samsung do? They launched AirTags of   their own called Smarttags well before Apple  officially unveiled it to the world.  

But the plus side of leaks outweighs the  negatives. I mean it helps people get   excited about the product. It's basically  a free advertisement for these companies,   it keeps people thinking about their product.  The whole thing is called marketing. And most   importantly it helps the user to make a better  and informed decision whether or not to wait   for the next product.

Also, some “leaks”  are actually organized by the companies   themselves to test the market’s reaction  to a new product before the final release,   to do some last-minute tweaks  to that particular device.   So just like everything in the world, leaks  do have positive and negative prospects.  

But going after these leakers who are just acting  like a mediator is being a bully in my opinion.   If Apple hates these leaks so much then why  not control their own employees to not share   sensitive information with these people. They  need to look inside. That’s where these leaks   are coming from. And Apple is already taking  some action by asking a few of its employees to   wear body cameras at work to prevent leaks.

Now coming to Samsung, if they wanted to stop   leaks they could have done it already. I mean  Samsung kept the original Galaxy Fold so secret   that not a single image of the handset was  leaked, and nobody knew how it was supposed   to look and about its features. So them now  copyright striking videos is kinda weird.  

Also, some people might argue that leaks  are spoiling the fun of product reveals   which is kinda funny because it’s a  phone, not a Marvel movie. Besides,   you could just decide not to watch videos,  articles mentioning unreleased products and get   really excited for that one day of the year. 

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