Samsung Unpacked Official - SURPRISE SURPRISE

Samsung Unpacked Official - SURPRISE SURPRISE
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13 October 2021

 Samsung took everyone by surprise by announcing  the Galaxy Unpacked event part 2 today. They sent   out invitations for an event they are holding  online on Wednesday, October 20th at 7 AM PT.   Now Samsung didn't reveal what exactly they are  going to announce at the event, The invitation   hints at some kind of personalization  for Galaxy devices which could mean a   software-related announcement.

Perhaps something  about One UI and Android 12's stable rollout.   But we have some inside information that the  star of this unpacked event is going to be none   other than the Galaxy S21 FE as sources from the  Taiwanese supply chain have tipped that this will   indeed be the case. Now this will come as a big  surprise to everyone because there were reports   that the S21 FE has either been canceled or  has been pushed back to January. There were   even rumors that Samsung won't keep a dedicated  Unpacked event for the handset, instead, they will   casually announce it via a press release. Turns  out, each and every one of those reports was...   Even we had a report from Sammobiles that the  Galaxy S22 has been pushed back to February   and we can be pretty certain  that it's also a number one...  

Now, this event makes the coming week a jampacked  event as we have an Apple event on October 18th   where they'll announce the new MacBook pro's as  well as the successor to the M1 chip. The next   day Google will launch their much-awaited Pixel  6 handsets and Samsung with the S21 FE on October   20th. Let me know what are you looking forward  to the most in the comments down below.   With that said, you see Samsung has been facing  a global shortage of chips for a while now.  

Not just Samsung but also every other big  Android OEM including Google, Xiaomi, Oppo,   and more are still facing the problem. But if  you've noticed Apple hasn't faced any issues with   the availability of its mobile processors. Well,  that's because Apple reserved production capacity   at TSMC far in advance. But turns out that didn't  last long as Apple now finding it hard to secure   other chip components. Bloomberg reports that  Apple has cut its production target for the iPhone   13 for quarter 4 of this year. They were initially  expected to make 90 million units but now they   have cut it back by 10 million to 80 million  units due to the unavailability of chips. Just   goes to show no one is immune  to the mighty chip shortage.  

With that said, I see a lot of reports from big  publications that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have an   under-display fingerprint scanner on both the  inside and the cover display. They are saying   this because of a patent that Samsung has  filed recently. Let me make this straight,   just because a company filed a patent doesn't  mean their next product will have that technology.   It doesn't work like that. Companies file for  patents all the time and only a fraction of   them actually goes into the production stage.  So no this patent doesn't confirm the Z Fold 4   will have two under-display cameras. 

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