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Apple Watch Series 6 hands-on

This week, Apple announced Apple Watch Series 6, and I've only had it for a little less than a day. So I'm just going to do a quick hands-on talk about some of the highlights of th...

Den W. in Apple 18 September 2020 · 17

Future Of Tech: Smart Homes

It's 6:34 AM and your smart alarm is beeping. It has scanned your calendar and knows your sleep pattern, so it can wake you at the most efficient time. By the time you get to the b...

Den W. in Tech 22 September 2020 · 46

The Evolution of PC Cases

I guess you could consider the wooden frame that the abacus came in as the first computer case, but today we're gonna start by talking about the case from the original 1981 IBM PC....

Den W. in Tech 06 July · 92

Are Prebuilt PCs GOOD Now?

It used to be that if you wanted a truly high-end, well-built PC, it was a no-brainer that building it yourself was a far better solution than ordering a pre-built that came off an...

Den W. in Hardware 12 January · 31

What is the Battery of the Future?

You know that batteries are complicated. They come in all shapes, sizes, charge capabilities, and we use them in everything. And if there's one battery technology that sets the gol...

Den W. in Tech 13 January · 24

Which Apple Watch Should You Buy in 2020? Buyer's Guide!

As you guys know, Apple just had their annual September Event where they released their new Apple Watch Series 6, and they did something this year that they usually don’t do. They...

Den W. in Apple 23 September 2020 · 18

Epic v. Apple trial is over. Here’s everything we learned

It's been over nine months since Epic sued Apple for violating antitrust law and the trial has just wrapped up. We've explained the background of Epic versus Apple in another arti...

Den W. in Apple 28 May · 47

The Future of Solar

An overwhelming majority of the world's estimated 1.4 billion vehicles run on fossil fuels, releasing a whole bunch of pollutants. Can you believe that a typical car emits roughly...

Den W. in Tech 19 January · 25