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Why You Should Turn On Two Factor Authentication

In 1981, the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was shot by a gunman in Washington DC. It wasn’t fatal, but it was close. Reagan was rushed to hospital and in the chao...

Alex in Security 03 August 2020

Is TikTok a THREAT?

If you're a smartphone enthusiast, you've probably heard about big name Chinese phone manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei being restricted from the US market. So, it may not be terri...

Alex in Security 28 July 2020

Why Does Intel Keep Having Security Problems?

In the never ending CPU wars between AMD and Intel, a lot of enthusiasts understandably focus on which of the latest offerings from team red or team blue will give them the best ba...

Alex in Security 30 June 2020

How to Protect Your Online Accounts

If you haven't had one of your own accounts hacked, I bet you know someone who has. That can be a pretty violating experience - we store a lot of personal information in our online...

Alex in Security 17 June 2020

Two Factor Authentication - More Security, Less Effort

Two-factor authentication is measurably one of the best ways to secure access to your data. Unfortunately a lot of people's experience is that it's inconvenient or just plain anno...

Alex in Security 25 April 2020