Why CPU Sockets CHANGE So Much

Have you been scrimping and saving for a new CPU? You'll be in for a bit of a nasty surprise once you realize that you also need a whole new motherboard, just because those pesky CPU sockets just keep...
12 June 2020 ·
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Best Wireless Router 2020 (budget gaming & home & wifi)

For most people, it is imperative to be virtually connected every day, may it be for work, leisure, or social life. To get the most out of what the Internet can offer, you need the best wifi router. I...
11 June 2020 ·
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How do you recover data from failed storage?

Picture this, you're firing up your PC for another day of hard work, or slacking off at work, and nothing happens. I mean, the computer turns on, but instead of getting to the operating system, you ge...
09 June 2020 ·
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Machine Learning Foundations: Part 7 - Image augmentation and overfitting

Previous part 6 - Convolutional cats and dogs Over the last few articles, you've looked at convolutional neural networks and how they can be used for computer vision. You built classifiers for fashion...
08 June 2020 ·
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The BIG Problem With Anti-Cheat Software in Gaming

Competing against other players online, is a bigger part of video gaming today, than it ever has been. So it's no surprise then, that fair play online is being taken more and more seriously, both by g...
06 June 2020 ·
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Best Gaming Smartphones 2020 (budget & buying guide)

Are you a gamer looking for the best smartphone to cater to your budget and your gaming needs? There are tons of options out there, each with their strengths and weaknesses, so it is tough to choose o...
05 June 2020 ·
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Machine Learning Foundations: Part 6 - Convolutional cats and dogs

Previous Part 5: Classifying real-world images In this part  where we'll take what you've learned about convolutional neural networks in the previous few parts and apply them to a computer vision scen...
04 June 2020 ·
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Machine Learning Foundations: Part 5 - Classifying real-world images

In this article we're going to look at how to use convolutional neural networks to classify complex features. In previsous part 4 -  Coding with Convolutional Neural Networks, you took what you had le...
31 May 2020 ·
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TOP 5 Best Smart Thermostat 2020 (Home budget & Wifi)

Unlike regular thermostats, Smart thermostats offer a variety of features that will not only keep your home comfortable but also saves energy when programmed correctly. Many of the latest smart thermo...
30 May 2020 ·
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80w vs 90w Laptop GPUs - Does It Even Matter?

Laptops with Nvidia 2070 or 2080 Max-Q graphics are often sold with either 80 watt or 90 watt power limits, but how much of a difference does the power limit actually make to performance, thermals, cl...
29 May 2020 ·
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SpaceX Crew Dragon Is the Most Anticipated Launch of the Year

This is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. SpaceX’s Demo-2 is just about to launch. We're on the verge of a truly historic event in human spaceflight. For the very first time Spac...
27 May 2020 ·
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Machine Learning Foundations: Part 4 - Coding with Convolutional Neural Networks

In the previous part 3 - Convolutions and pooling, you learned all about convolutions and how they can use filters to extract information from images. You also saw how to create pools that can reduce...
27 May 2020 ·
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Machine Learning Foundations: Part 3 - Convolutions and pooling

In the previous part 2 - First steps in computer vision,  you built a neural network that could recognize items of clothing.  Now that you've looked at fashion example for computer vision, you've prob...
26 May 2020 ·
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Machine Learning Foundations: Part 2 - First steps in computer vision

In the previous article Part 1 - What is ML?, you got an introduction to machine learning, and you saw how it works from a programmer's perspective by having you create answers and data, and letting a...
23 May 2020 ·
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It's no secret that SSD's are slowly, but surely displacing hard drives in consumer PC and why not? They're faster, smaller lighter and less prone to failure when they're being thrown around. The only...
22 May 2020 ·
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Why Old Games Look So BAD? Upscaling explained

You're digging through some old moving boxes you never unpacked, and you discover your old console with a bunch of retro games.  You dust it off, and after managing to hook it up to your shiny 4K...
20 May 2020 ·
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