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Why You Can't Name A File CON In Windows

Did you know that you can’t name a file “Con” in Windows 10? If you’re running a Windows machine, try it right now. Go to File Explorer, create a new folder, call it “Con”. The sys...

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Here we are in 2020, and we are getting raised concern about 5G. Although 5G promises to deliver faster speeds to our phones and there are even home-based internet solutions that u...

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Now in Android: 15 - Android 11 features, AndroidX, videos, articles, and more!

First of all, Android 11, nothing has changed there. We're still on developer preview two at this time. But there are a couple of features exposed in that release that are worth ta...

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FIGHT Coronavirus From Home! - [email protected]

When you think of a super computer, you probably picture a bunch of server racks, covered in blinking lights in a lab somewhere. But did you know that you easily make your home PC...

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Why IS This COOL Toslink Cable Dying?

Of all the technologies that we have right now that suggest we really are living in the future, perhaps nothing sounds more futuristic than the fact that we can transmit data with...

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TOP 5: Best Gaming Monitor 2020

Are you looking for the best gaming monitor? In this article, we will top gaming monitors on the market. 1. Samsung CRG9 Screen Size: 49' Display Resolution Maximum: 5120x14...

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It wasn't too long ago that if you wanted good or even passable sound from your computer you need a dedicated sound card. But nowadays, even though you can still buy them, most P...

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