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Napster, Winamp, RealPlayer – Where Are They Now

History is littered with examples of dominant forces that later fell by the wayside. The Roman Empire, disco music, Dallas Cowboys and so it is in the tech world. To kick things...

Den W. in Software 01 May · 10 · 1

Top 10 New PC Games For April 2020

Video games! Now more than ever, they’re a dependable source of entertainment and escapism. At the end of last year you could look to April, blissfully unaware about the oncoming s...

Den W. in Gaming 27 April · 10 · 1

Are Cheap Graphics...GOOD?

If you're a gamer, you probably know that using the integrated graphics built in to your computer's processor, instead of a full-fledged, discrete graphics card, is about like eati...

Den W. in Hardware 27 April · 3 · 2 · 1

Better Graphics For FREE. DirectX 12 Ultimate

Typically, when we get excited about improvements to gaming performance, it's because of some new piece of hardware like a high refresh rate monitor or a graphics card that's beefi...

Den W. in Gaming 26 April · 6 · 2

RTX Finally Has a Reason to Exist: Minecraft!

The RTX Real-time Ray Tracing Beta for Minecraft Bedrock is finally here and it looks absolutely amazing.  I'm going to tell you guys all about it. But first, there's some really c...

Den W. in Gaming 23 April · 14 · 1

Unix vs Linux | Difference Between Linux and Unix

The soul of every computer is its OS, the operating system. There are many operating systems in existence today. We are going to discuss two basic ones, Linux and Unix. There has...

Den W. in Linux 18 April · 17 · 2

TOP 5: Best Gaming Headset 2020

Are you looking for the best gaming headset? In this article, we will top gaming headsets on the market. 1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless SteelSeries is a well-respected brand a...

Den W. in Accessories 17 April · 27 · 1

Do You Need to Back up Office 365?

If you're looking for the backup option in Office 365 then good luck, because it doesn't exist. So do you need to bring your own backup then? Well, ask a roomful of supposed expe...

Den W. in Cloud 15 April · 2 · 1 · 1

Office 365 Vs Office 2019

It used to be easy. You needed a copy of Office, so you went out and you bought the latest version. Now there are two latest versions. There's Office 2019 which includes Word, Exce...

Den W. in Software 10 April · 13 · 2

The top 10 memes of the past decade

Yes, memes have become so popular on the Internet (they are exchanged by people of all ages), some companies even appeared a position for people who understand the meme and used th...

Den W. in Uncategorized 01 April · 8

TOP 5: Best CPU For Gaming 2020

Looking for the best CPU for gaming? In this article we’ll break down the top CPUs available whilst comparing them for price versus performance.  In the first category, we take a l...

Den W. in Hardware 15 February · 6 · 1

Can You STILL Do Digital Marketing for Free?

Back when I got started, it was easy to make a killing with digital marketing. All you got to do is rank some random blog spot website, or website. Throw on some affi...

Den W. in Marketing 13 February · 6 · 2 · 1