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Unit Tests in Python

There are two types of engineers in this universe. The first type writes code, then walks away and does not watch it run. They just assume everything will go according to plan. Then there's the seco...
11 February 2020 ·
· 344 · Kelly

How To Write Content That Ranks Page #1 on Google

When you look at websites that are ranking on page one of Google, there's a few common traits that set them apart. And I made it my mission to learn what these traits are, so I can replicate it for my...
10 February 2020 ·
· 163 · Den W.

Cool Tech Under $50

In this article we will review the best tech you can find under $50. Starting off real quick getting the more boring thing out of the way, so we can move on. But as always the boring thing is going to...
10 February 2020 ·
· 104 · 2 · Alex

The new AMD processor is a true 64-core monster that can destroy Intel

AMD has unveiled its ultimate weapon: the AMD Threadripper 3990X. A processor with no less than 64 cores and 128 threads. The new AMD release complements the previous Threadripper that already surpass...
09 February 2020 ·
· 143 · Alex

Chrome will start blocking file uploads via HTTP

Google has published a plan to add new mechanisms in Chrome to protect against unsafe file downloads. In Chrome 86, which is scheduled to be released on October 26th, all types of files will be upload...
08 February 2020 ·
· 977 · 1 · Den W.

Draper, the underwater drone that scans the ocean for microplastics

Microplastics are one of the greatest environmental problems that  humanity facing today. Tons of these products are at large in seas and oceans with a very dangerous feature: they manage to ente...
08 February 2020 ·
· 106 · Alex

Valve released Proton 5.0, a package to run Windows games on Linux

Valve has published the first release of a new branch of Proton 5.0, which is based on the experience of the Wine project and aims to provide Linux gaming applications created for Windows and presente...
08 February 2020 ·
· 688 · Alex

Laravel 6.5 is released with new features

Laravel core team has released version 6.5 of the PHP framework Laravel. This update introduces several new methods for the LazyCollection, the String Helper and the Query Builder. Laravel 6.5: New m...
13 November 2019 ·
· 129 · Alex

Top 20 Commands Every Linux User MUST KNOW

Today, I'll be sharing with You 20 commands that will allow you to get a power-packed experience out of Linux. Linux desktops come with evolved desktop environments now and there's less need than eve...
17 September 2019 ·
· 210 · Alex

The State of Linux Gaming in 2019

Okay, you don't need to be a hacker to use Linux. In fact, all you really need is a spare flash drive, live USB software like Rufus or balenaEtcher, and a little bit of patience. But why would you ev...
10 September 2019 ·
· 270 · Alex