Alpha Heater Scam EXPOSED? Alpha Heater Reviews (Alpha Heater Portable Heater Buyer's Guide 2022)

Alpha Heater Scam EXPOSED? Alpha Heater Reviews (Alpha Heater Portable Heater Buyer's Guide 2022)
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Review of the Alpha Heater: How can we be prepared for winter? If one wants to embrace winter and get the most out of it, acquiring a space heater may help one achieve this goal. There's nothing better than the warmth and comfort provided by a heater when spending the winter at home and keeping your cup of hot coffee in your hand to warm you.

That being said, we can heat our houses, but this does come at a huge cost--depending on what type of heating system is used. Data has proven that on average, an American household will spend $800 each year heating their house. It's not surprising, is it? That's so obvious, no one would expect otherwise as everyone is used to a more rapid rise in their electric bill during the colder months of the year.

Today, In this Alpha Heater review, I want to show you how you can heat your house at a fraction of the cost and in the least stressful way. As with my other reviews, one of the coolest parts of reviewing for me is discovering new and improved ways for you to use smart innovations.

Based on what I have noticed about a portable space heater, one may need to know of an energy-efficient space heater that can help one save money. I took time to research a number of these kinds of a space heaters, and I wanted to recommend one that has intrigued me so far: the Alpha Heater.

In this Alpha Heater review, I'll cover its features, advantages, and disadvantages. Is Alpha Heater a scam? Come on, let's find out!

Alpha Heater Review

What is Alpha Heater (Alpha Heater Review)

The Alpha Heater is a powerful, user-friendly, eco-friendly heater to beat the cold winter months.

Alpha portable heaters are meant to warm up a room without being an “energy eater”. This portable heater is both small and smart, which means you can bring it to whichever room you desire. In 2 minutes, it heats an entire room with added security features.

It can warm small up to 75 degrees in just minutes, without blowing up your monthly energy bills. Its compact, lightweight, portable design.

Designed and made in the United States, Alpha Heaters have become a top choice in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. If you are looking for the best heating solution, Alpha Heater is a portable heater that is worth considering. It is a cheaper and safer alternative to conventional heating methods.

From my Alpha Heater experience, it's clear that this space heater offers comfortable warmth in one's bedroom when the outside weather is cold and miserable.

Alpha Heater Review

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Who is Alpha Heater for? (Alpha Heater Review)

Everyone can suffer from winter's cold. Alpha Heater makes sure you stay warm no matter how cold it might be outside. During cold days, this innovative room heater allows anyone to stay warm and comfortable.

In addition to the advanced heat distribution system and PTC ceramic technology, the Alpha Heater also helps cut down on utility costs.

What makes Alpha Heater special? (Alpha Heater review)

At present, it's one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective heaters. It gives steady and specific heat and has three warmth settings that let you change how much you need!

This heater is excellent, using low power, it gives a lot of great quality. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology, combining the advantages of radiant, convective, and radiative heat for quick and complete coverage.

Moreover, spill and over-heat security ensure that your home, the environment, and your family remain safe constantly the gadget is used!

Alpha Heater Review

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How does Alpha Heater work? (Alpha Heater review)

These are the three key parts of the Alpha Heater - the radiator, the fan, and the control board. Alpha Heater sucks in cool air and sends it through the inner radiator which heats it. If you put on the gadget then, at that moment, the warm comfortable air is replaced by an icy draft.

A single radiator in the back of the room makes the room overheat by heating a huge chunk of it. However, the Alpha Heater works well by bringing heat to all parts of the room while having an aesthetic appeal that engrosses you. The presence of clay content in the warming device makes it a regularly usable item all around.

Alpha Heater Review

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Does Alpha Heater work? (Alpha Heater review)

When the user turns on his Alpha Heater, the ceramic heating element will quickly get warm and will uniformly and immediately distribute the warm air into the room using the heat oscillator. Previously, I discussed that the heater features an innovative heat distribution system and PTC ceramic technology which allows it to adjust to the shape of the room and heat the room in 2-3 minutes.

The Alpha Heater is perfect for warming up spaces that are small but great for a dining room or banquet hall. As an example, an alpha portable heater can be used at your workplace, at home, or in your garage

Take a look at these features of Alpha Heater (Alpha Heater Review)

  • Even distribution: first of all, the Alpha Heater evenly distributes warm air, so one part of the room won't be left cool just because the heater is located elsewhere.
  • Fast heating: This particular device provides quick heating and ensures the reader won't need to freeze for long, for it will quickly put out warm air.
  • Nano filters: As part of Alpha Heater's antimicrobial filters, dust and bacterial particles are prevented from passing through.
  • No smell: as mold develops on the inside of a heater, it emits a weird smell. The Alpha Heater does not produce foul odors thanks to its filters that eliminate nasty particles.
  • Timer: Alpha Heater comes with a built-in timer with 4 modes. The settings are adjustable.

Alpha Heater Review

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Unique features of Alpha Heater (Alpha Heater review)

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Alpha Heater, one of the unique features of this heater is its compact size, which makes it easy for the user to move from room to room or commute from home to work without a problem. Since it adds no notable weight to the reader's loads of transport, it can be easily carried.

Has a quick heat-up time

In less than 10 minutes, the Alpha Heater can heat an entire 350-square-foot room. It will not freeze the reader before it starts emitting heat.

Comes with a built-in timer feature

With a programmable timer, it can be adjusted to suit the reader's level of comfort. As a result of the adjustable heat settings, the reader can set the amount of air circulation of heat to suit his preferences.

With the built-in timer, the reader can set the heater to come on at any specific time and shut off at the end of the day. Consequently, he no longer needs to worry about forgetting to turn it off before leaving for work or other engagements.

Comes with an anti-microbial filter

It is not uncommon for one to notice that some heaters produce foul odors while active. Often this stems from dust or mold accumulating in the heater, which is subsequently ignited by the coils.

To that end, Alpha Heater has made the necessary modifications by providing an anti-microbial filter, which does a stellar job catching the dust and preventing the nasty stuff from invading the heater.

Low energy consumption

As the reader can attest, most other methods of heating the home result in skyrocketing electric bills. Due to this heater's energy efficiency, the reader can now save some money on huge utility bills.


Many safety features are included in Alpha Heater to keep you and your family safe: a tip-over safety filter and overheating protection are just a few of them. When the Alpha Heater reaches 122F, it will automatically reduce its temperature to 104F thanks to its built-in timer.

It is most likely that the Alpha Heater will stop heating if it falls over three times in a row. It will also blow out room-temperature air for 30 seconds to cool the unit.

Quiet operation

It's irritating to hear the user's heater in their ear like some sort of bothersome bee. Fortunately, this Alpha Heater is quiet. When it's on, you may not be able to hear it.

Alpha Heater Review

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How to use the Alpha Heater (Alpha Heater reviews)

When receiving your Alpha Heater, do not be too excited to ignore the accompanying user manual. First of all, ensure that the Alpha Heater is not wet; connect the heater to a wall power outlet and turn on the heater by using the power switch after finding the right place to place the heater.

This device has three buttons on the top. With these buttons, then you can set the timer and adjust the airspeed.

Following the setups, one will feel the cozy warmth delivered by the room heater within 2-3 minutes and its chronic heat oscillator will uniformly distribute heat air from low, excessive angles to the highest.

Pros and cons of Alpha Heater (Alpha Heater review)


  • Helps keep the house warm at a minimal cost
  • Temperature control
  • Portable
  • Last very long


  • Available only on the company's official website

Alpha Heater Review

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Why should you choose Alpha Heater? (Alpha Heater review)

People are looking for easy-to-use gadgets as the colder months approach. These gadgets usually increase the electric bill drastically, and it's not a luxury, since without a heater surviving the chilly winter is nearly impossible. Heating devices are necessary for everyone, and nothing is better than a product that offers multiple advantages at a lower cost.

It is important to choose the Alpha Heater for its amazing features, including the timer that automatically shuts it off if you forget or it falls over. It is equipped with timer features and adjustable settings that can enable you to fully utilize the Heater based on your requirements.

Other benefits of Alpha Heater (Alpha Heater review)

Stay warm & cozy on chilly days

With the PTC ceramic technology, Alpha Heaters distribute hot air smoothly and uniformly throughout the room. Heating with ceramic heaters is efficient and safe, which ensures you stay warm in the winter.


As opposed to other heating systems, the space heater is less expensive. In other words, it is cost-efficient. It offers the reader warmth at a cheaper price. It is better not to run the home heater every day to avoid going broke by losing utility expenses.

On the contrary, a more recent innovation would be Alpha Heater, which has proven to be more efficient, easier on the environment, and more affordable than conventional home heaters. Plus, they are now offering a 50% discount on the original cost.

Alpha Heater is easy to use

Alpha Heater is a homemade technology. It is very easy to set up for immediate use upon purchase. All you need to do is set up the space heater on any level surface where you're looking for more heat. Connect it to a power source and turn it on by pressing the power button.

It’s antimicrobial

Inhibiting the growth of molds and dust, Alpha Heater prevents foul odors. Frequent problems with noxious fumes coming from your heater. Sometimes, this comes from the dust and mold growing in the heater which, in turn, cause the coils to emit a scorching odor.

Unlike Alpha Heater, however, this product does not have that issue because of its use of an antimicrobial filter which prevents the production of undesirable smells!


Whether it be a long-lasting heater or a smaller heater, Alpha Heaters are built to last. With utmost care, they will not cause any harm. Hence, make sure your readers are careful while using your appliances.

Safer than other heaters

The Alpha Heater is a convection heater with a ceramic body that uses uniform cooling to maintain a consistent temperature. Ceramic heaters are better for small spaces due to their high safety levels. Even if it tips over, there is no risk of fire or damage.

Cleans the air

Alpha Heater is capable of removing mold, dust, bacteria, and viruses from the air as well as removing the nasty smell from your bedroom. An antimicrobial filter on the Alpha Heater prevents pathogenic growth and keeps the air clean, reducing odors in the room.

Where to buy Alpha Heater (Alpha Heater review)

You'll get this in less time, it'll be safer, and there won't be any doubt of the quality when you order through the website.

Is Alpha Heater Scam

No, it is a legit heater. The heater is designed to be compact and portable, so it can easily be carried around wherever you are in your house. It also has an automatic shut-off feature in case you forget to turn it off when leaving the room!

The top of it is coated in a heat-resistant, flame-retardant material that makes it safe to be used around children and pets! It also features a safety switch that will only let you plug it in once, which helps prevent accidents and keep you safe.

Alpha Heater Reviews Consumer Reports (Alpha Heater Review)

“I'm very happy with my purchase! My living room is large and open, so I was skeptical about it warming up the room. I was wrong. My wife came home from work, unaware of the heater, and commented on how warm it felt in the living room. Once I showed her, she also couldn't believe that something so small was so powerful. It has safety features, shuts off if knocked over, fingers can't be put inside and cool exterior, perfect since I have four young children. I highly recommend this heater and plan on buying a few more for all of our bedrooms.”- Joshua Harper | Lewiston, Maine

“This heater certainly does not look like any other space heater I've ever seen. I was very hesitant to think that this could do a good job heating a whole room, but I was quite surprised at the results. We placed this heater in our 3-season sun room for a holiday party, and it was both unobtrusive in its presence and incredibly effective at making the room warm and comfortable for the duration of the winter evening. It was very quiet, mostly silent. It didn't look like much, and didn't take up a whole lot of space, but it warmed up quickly and it puts out a fair amount of heat which covered the approximately 320 square feet sunroom very well for many hours. Design-wise it looks very modern and guests even commented on the appearance of the unit. Overall, I would highly recommend this heater as an effective solution to heating rooms in your home on an as-needed basis. I look forward to seeing how well it holds up long-term and using it frequently.”- Darryl Williams | Manchester, New Hampshire

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Alpha Heater Faq (Alpha Heater review)

How safe is this heater?

When the internal device temperature is higher than 122f, the device will automatically reduce its temperature to 104f. The device will shut off automatically if the temperature goes above 122f three times in succession.

How do I reset my heater if it tips over or overheats?

Step 1: remove the obstruction or situation that caused the unit to tip over or overheat. Step 2: turn off the heater to the off position. Step 3: Unplug the heater from the wall outlet and wait 5-10 minutes for the heater to cool. Step 4: plug the heater back in and resume operation. If the heater continues to malfunction, the user may have a defective unit, do not continue its operation, please call customer service for an immediate replacement.

Will this heater raise my utility bill?

No, this unit is considered energy efficient. The rate of any increase in utilities would depend entirely on how often the reader uses this heater. The heater takes up about the same amount of energy as a standard hair blow dryer on its highest setting, which is 1200w. If your electricity company charges an average of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, then it would cost about 12 cents per hour the unit is operational. For further information, please contact your local utility company.

Conclusion - Alpha Heater Reviews

In terms of cold weather heaters, The Alpha Heater is the most intelligent choice for anyone trying to stay warm. It is both safe and affordable. It's now time for him to finally have his own Alpha Heater.

Don't let this story become just another ordinary story - look at the opportunity in front of you, instead of getting discouraged and crying. It will help when you most need it - small and lightweight, the Alpha Heater is designed to reduce stress when reading. The Alpha Heater goes with him wherever he is: his office, the reader's home, or his hotel. I believe it's also child-friendly. I say, go for it.

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